The Master Within

Create Your Masterpiece

This book is about comparing the methods that the masters used while creating their status as masters, considering what it took to complete their masterpieces, and communicating those methods in a way which will allow for real-world application. The tools and resources are provided in each chapter, and the challenge to the reader at the end of each chapter is to get them to stretch beyond the limiting mindset that tells them they need a natural talent to grow. This book focuses on developing skills in a way that provides accountability to the reader, and allows for measured growth and success in the areas they choose to improve. Areas that they may have written off as impossible to improve.

The tools provide make it possible for almost anyone to follow and use to grow. This is a unique perspective, as the author uses a formal art (for example painting) and compares it to an art style that would be considered unconventional to label as art (leadership). He takes real examples, and provides a clear connection between the two arts, the two authorities in the field that he chose to work with, and brings all of that back to something that the readers can be impacted by today, with their current life.

The message is delivered in such a way that it is palatable to the regular reader and non-reader alike. This versatile piece digs deep without creating an insecurity. The reader can get through this book, fully, and with confidence. The commitment to the real-world application is such that the terminology choices are comfortable for most levels of readers. This book is definitely one that should not be missed.

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