Our Mission

Personal and professional growth only happens after YOU start growing.  Taking action is key when your expectations are to fully develop skills and enjoy meaningful results.  There are six core elements that we focus on to help you grow in to the best version of yourself.  These elements do not exist on their own.  Each element influences the others and how you balance these interactions is vital to personal growth…



As an individual or leader of a team, until your mindset is in its optimal position you’re unable to achieve your maximum potential.  The bible teaches “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.  What you think about yourself or the situation matters and greatly impacts the results.  We can help you have and maintain a mindset that wins.


Sales Techniques

Sales are how we measure results within business.  Whether helping a teammate get on-board with a new program, showcasing a quality product to a client, or convincing your 6 year old to eat vegetables, its amazing how much of every day life revolves around “the sale”.  We can help you build connections with those you hope to get buy in from at a faster rate, which equal lasting profitability.


Communication Skill

Mastering successful communication doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s true that what we say, and how we say something builds a foundation of our communicate ability, but it is our ability to best understand how others hear us, as well as how they choose to communicate that allows us to master effective communication.  Let us help you become effective with your communication.


Leadership Ability

Everything rises and falls on leadership.  Where there is no leadership, you have no direction.  This can be devastating to the results and goals of effort put into anything.  Great leaders understand that people are resources and when well maintained and cared for while being utilized for their highest and best purpose special things happen.  We can help you go from a manager to a leader if you will simply follow some meaningful direction.


Networking results

Often it is the connections that we have in the world around us that help us find answers and provide the assistance to move forward with ideas.  Networking is work.  Time, and effort needs to be put into it for real and measurable results to come out of it.  We help you learn how to make great, meaningful, and influential connections.



Telling anyone to do anything is getting in the way of you influencing them.  Having influence in your work place or with anyone that you value and respect is key to getting the most out of that relationship and interaction.  You can leverage your efforts when you have greater influence.  We help to refine this within our clients and can help you become a person of great influence.

We want to be a part of the fix.  

CSG will stand with it's clients as they march towards the goals and dreams of winning in life & business.

We utilize years of experience & passion for helping individuals & businesses succeed and find solutions to help you, your staff, and company get to the next level.  We use strategies that are geared towards helping you overcome the obstacles that cause the shortcomings.

When you know where the strings are, and how to pull on them, you get to be the puppet master of your own show! Don’t forget this and don’t think for a minuet that this is easy, but it is possible!
— Titus Bartolotta