Personal Coaching

The Best Investment You Can Make In Your Future Success!

Increase Positivity, Gain Balance, Grow Yourself!

What is Personal Coaching through CSG?

Working with an experienced heart focused professional coach has been a major difference maker in the lives of so many truly fulfilled and successful people throughout human history.  Personal Coaching is not only a highly effective tool to achieve the most meaningful goals in your life but it deepens your perspective, stretches your perception, and grows your personal awareness.  One on one coaching with a CSG Coach helps individuals grow and develop the key elements of the human experience.  You’ll see your confidence grow without your ego getting in the way.  You’ll find balance while remaining productive and engaged with the people and activities that pour joy into your life.  Partnering with a CSG Coach, gets you 1:1 meetings every month along with our unique CSG Advantage program.  During your meetings, you’ll unpack what matters most to you.  You’ll set clear goals and map action plans anchored to your purpose as you march towards a clear vision for your life.  With your coach, you’ll measure progress along the way.  It’s time to break through limiting beliefs and interpersonal road blocks, so you can identify your purpose, your greatness, and your genius.  It’s time to leverage intentional strategies to drive the next chapter of life and ensure what you’ve created remains strong.

Who is CSG Personal Coaching For?

Whether you are just starting out on your life’s journey or a season professional, with a CSG Coach as your guide, you’ll create a action plan for healthy and measurable growth and development. Your coach will get to know you and your goals and aspirations along the coaching journey. This will empower you and deepen the conssistancy of achieving winning results. The personal 1:1 guidance will help push you to achieve your personal goals and exceed your limitations. More coaching will lead to an even greater experience therefore greater results. Incorporating coaching into your personal development plan will be the best choice you make today!

When you have a CSG Coach in your corner and by your side you are positioned to:

Gain Clarity On What Motivates You

Identifying the things that motivate you is the first step in developing clarity in your purpose so that you can better prioritize your life.

Be a More Effective Leader

Before one can lead others, they must know how to lead themself.  Driving, motivating, and growing ones self is key to learning how to lead others and growing stronger relationships.

Find Your Voice and Grow Your Confidence

Self awareness is at the core of successful coaching.  Your have to know yourself in order to grow yourself.  You CSG Coach will help you find your voice and use your voice more effectively with yourself and in interactions with others.

Build Stronger Connections

Your life is only as strong as the relationships that you surround yourself with. Leadership and followership both grow from the seeds of selflessness and communication. Your coach will help you cultivate the skills and traits that will allow you attract stronger relationships and strengthen the ones that you already have.  

Work with a CSG Coach and Focus on Personal Development!

Working with a CSG Coach is the first step toward dynamic personal growth. Schedule your free Strategy Session today to start discovering what you are capable of.

CSG Personal Coaching Includes

Private Coaching

Private coaching sessions with certified CSG Coaches.

CSG Online

Access to CSG’s online repository of personal growth and professional development content.

Critical Strategy Guide

Receive a monthly Critical Strategy Guide to help you grow and arrive at your goals.



Receive weekly motivational and insightful communication from CSG.



Access to a library of assessments that provide insight and guidance on personality, team, and more.

How Do I know If  Coaching is Right For Me?

Every successful athlete and every successful business person has another set of eyes, another set of ears, and a person with a another set of experiences to turn to.

When people have an open mind, are ready to be vulnerable, honest, and willing to try new things, they enjoy the fullness of coaching and the results that come from it.

Is Coaching Expensive?

CSG has private coaching and group coaching opportunities that fit a wide variety of budgets.

Successful people look at BOTH the cost and value associated with their investment.  If the return on the investment in yourself and in your business is greater than the cost, it makes sense to get started.

Who Will Be My Coach?

Collaborative Solutions Group has multiple coaches on our team. You will be paired with the coach that best meets your overall needs or one you have a specific interest in. Regardless of who you work with, you will have access to the resources and knowledge of the entire team.

Do I Have to Be Located Near CSG?

Collaborative Solutions Group works with clients around the country. Technology makes it possible to connect, engage, and share across distances like never before. 

There are benefits to being able to sit down and talk with someone face to face or to being able to attend events in person. Everything that we do remotely is aimed at delivering just as much benefit to each client.

What is the Time Commitment?

Time is money. Our private and group clients enjoy multiple sessions each month. Clients enjoy the greatest results when they implement the strategies developed during our sessions in their daily routines. Personal and professional development requires an investment of time both inside and out of sessions, and you’re worth every minute.