Titus Bartolotta

Titus Bartolotta

President & CEO

Titus Bartolotta is the founder, president, and lead consultant for Collaborative Solutions Group.  CSG has been something Titus has been passionate about for a very long time.  Originally from New York City, Titus has spent the majority of his life in North Carolina.  It was in the city of Charlotte NC, that Titus met his wife Christina.  Today the Bartolotta family works to raise their two beautiful young boys Josiah, and Noah.

Currently Titus has lived and served the Lake Norman region for almost 10 years and has not only built a reputation for getting the job done, but has done so with hard work ethic and determination to not only succeed but do so with grace and ethics.  A proud Christian, Titus is never afraid to wear his heart and beliefs on his sleeve as a badge of honor while always respecting and honoring the thoughts and beliefs of those around him.

Titus has studied business management from York Technical College in SC, along with having completed both culinary arts, and seminary training.  Having worked as a manager & executive for several companies ranging from small to large businesses, Titus has spent the better part of his life staying teachable and gathering knowledge at every stop of his career.

Titus spent several years operating and managing a successful small ministry where he provided counsel and consulting for individuals who looked for ways to operate their lives at higher levels.  The many years of providing creative solution based advise and counsel through ministry work, along with both small business and corporate America, Titus found himself developing and creating a local professional business networking team called “Business Leaders United”.  This is an organization where Titus has brought together business leaders throughout the greater Lake Norman & Charlotte market to grow business and help everyday customers have a better option for their product, and service needs.  More information on “BLU” can be found at TeamBLU.org.

In 2014, Titus again stretched to create something powerful in his community.  With the love and support of his wife Christina, Titus was able to create and develop a local 501(c)(3) charity called “The Lotta Foundation”.  This is an organization focused on helping at risk families in the Lake Norman & Charlotte region.  Learn more about Lotta and how anyone can be a part of movement “Let’s Do A Lotta Good” by visiting LottaFoundation.org.  As a son to Marryellen, husband to Christina, father to Josiah, and Noah, and a friend to many, Titus enjoys teaching, sharing, and helping the development of those around him in positive and collaborative way.  Growing companies success, and making positive impacts on the lives of individuals in the way they think and execute vision is the passion and goal of Titus.