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Bill Russell

President and CEO for The Lake Norman Chamber

“Titus Bartollotta, with Collaborative Solutions Group, is not just another successful business coach. An entrepreneur himself, he has seen firsthand the challenges business owners face daily in operating a successful organization.  Titus faced extreme hardship early in life, which in many instances, place real barriers and limitations to personal growth and development. Those challenges only hardened his resolve to overcome them and reach the potential God gave each one of us. His inspirational message, thoughtful guidance, and strong business acumen can help you and your team excel in today’s competitive business climate.”


Zack Bonczek

Team Leader for Keller Williams University City

Business professionals that realize there is always room for improvement are usually the ones that outperform their competitors. Further, this higher level of performance usually has residual benefits, such as improved self esteem and higher sense of purpose. Working with a coach like Titus will keep you focused and accountable and allow you to outperform YOUR competition! Invest in yourself and your business and schedule a consultation today!

Patrick M..jpg

Patrick McCarthy

Owner at "Lake Norman Singers"

Titus is a master communicator. His ability to to understand the needs of his clients is second to none. His vast experience in sales and marketing is exemplary. Through his humor and quick wit, he connects seemingly effortlessly with people. He cares deeply about his clients and honestly wants the best for them, and he will do whatever he can to help them succeed. You won’t find a more genuine and caring coach who will be as “all in” as Titus. You want this guy in your corner. I highly recommend you give him a call. You won’t regret it.

Anna Davis.jpg

Anna Davis

Brand Collateral Specialist

When you work with Titus Bartolotta, you can't help but be inspired strive to be your best. Every encounter with him leaves me feeling like a better, stronger, more productive person, not only in my career but as a parent, spouse, friend. Titus is a true servant-leader who has used his own life experiences to make the world a better place and his clients better people. I HIGHLY Recommend him! Do yourself a favor and have an introductory conversation with Titus. You'll be glad you did.

Laura L..jpg

Laura Lorenz

Founder & Owner at Leading Results

Titus is a fantastic coach. He inspires those he works with to attain the goals and become what they were intended to be, fabulous human beings

Justin Allen.jpg

Justin Allen

Sales Professional of "Audio Advise"

"If you are wanting to get plugged into a great marketing, management and enthusiastic mind, you won't go wrong getting to know and work with Titus Bartolotta. He's very engaged with the LKN community but also understands the human experience on the larger scale and how it relates to day to day operations in the business world. Get to know Titus and watch your ideas take new shape!"

Karen S..jpg

Karen Sheffield

Real Estate Professional & Business Owner

"Titus is an excellent coach and I highly recommend his team at CSG for all of your coaching needs. Titus is a great listener and he asks good questions to help you find your inner greatness and ultimately achieve success. He is a successful leader, entrepreneur, business owner, and coach with a proven track record who has a wealth of experience to share."

Denny Castillo.jpg

Denny Castillo

Owner of "Quality Air Of The Carolinas"

"Titus is the real deal.  He is masterful in helping shift your business focus onto what matters the most - People! People want to do business with those they like and trust, not prices and products. He helped us redirect our focus and our message back to the outcome we want - Happy repeat customoners willing to refer because they like and trust us over the many options presented. A+ for collaboration and guidance skills. I will be referring him often!"

Courney McCarthy

Real Estate & Loan Professional

"Anyone that knows Titus, knows that he has that "it" factor that people are drawn to. It comes from his heart and his many years of experience in sales and being a master in networking. I have learned a lot from him and I would be happy to refer him to my friends and family. I would recommend you do the same!"

Jim Price

General Manager / Manufacture Rep.

"People expect me to be the confident one, but it's not always easy for me.  Recently I made the decision to change jobs.  The truth is I can sell just about anything to anyone, but for some reason selling myself to a potential employer seemed nearly impossible.  I knew I needed help so I called Titus. We spent a few hours together fine tuning my resume and talked about the opportunities in front of me. Titus brought up details of the process that I never would have thought of, and then he provided suggestions. Thanks for the inspiration Titus and the sweet resume too.  Now I feel ready."

Donna Houghton

Lifestyle Specialist & Sales Professional

"Titus sees the person, with a business and with his heart and experience, genuinely helps propel them forward. You get more than business coaching with this guy. You get a guy that really cares about improving your quality of life, whatever that means for you."

Chris Costantini

Business Owner & HVAC Specialists

"Titus is a genuine giving person. Always looking to help others and build relationships. His knowledge of Business solutions, marketing and leadership make him a powerful teammate for your business."

Bob Gors.jpg

Bob Gors

Business Owner & Capital Managment Specialist

"Take the time to meet with Titus Bartolotta
With Collaborative Solutions Group!! It will be well worth your time !! His Engaging, 
Professional approach and innovative solutions will be a great asset to you and business!!"


Jim Moony.jpg

Jim Mooney

Business Owner & Real Estate Professional

"His reputation precedes him...His enthusiasm is contagious...His results are proven!! Titus is the man you need to meet with and explore how his experience can assist you!"


Chris M.jpg

Chris Mulcahy

Owner at Husband's Helper & Hitch with a Pitch

"Titus is a great leader in many ways.  His ability to connect to those around him and his client is remarkable.  I have enjoyed his involvement in my business life, and personal life.  If you want to succeed, you'll need him on your team.  I know he is committed to make the world a better place."