Performance Essentials 101

This program is for individuals and teams looking to grow their ability to have and maintain personal and professional success. Personal effectiveness grows from within and this program helps participants identify the areas where they can effect meaningful change and understand what is necessary to enact long-lasting personal and professional growth.

The 8 topics covered form the core foundation for growth and the methodology of our courses ensure that we cover the topics from multiple angles and provides an engagement activity to ensure that the lessons learned are fully understood and internalized. 


The Basics

When: Session 1 kicks off on Friday October 5th, with subsequent sessions on October 18, November 1, and November 15 (all Thursdays).

Where:  9820 NorthCross Center Ct. Huntersville, NC 28078

How Long: 7:30 to 12:30, 2x per month for 2 months

What do I need to bring: Only yourself.  All course materials will be provided.

Performance 101 - BLU
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Our Team

We have assembled a team of passionate coaches that are dedicated to helping our students grow and develop as people, leaders, and teammates.  Each instructor brings a lifetime of experience and a unique perspective to the courses.


Titus Bartolotta

Titus Bartolotta is the founder, president, and senior consultant & trainer for Collaborative Solutions Group.

Titus has studied business management from York Technical College in SC, along with having completed both culinary arts, and seminary training. Having worked as a manager & executive for several companies ranging from small to large businesses, Titus has spent the better part of his life staying teachable and gathering knowledge at every stop of his career.

Titus enjoys teaching, sharing, and devloping those around him in positive and collaborative way. Growing companies success, and making positive impacts on the lives of individuals in the way they think and execute vision is his passion and goal.


Dave Ferguson

Dave Ferguson is an internationally respected executive coach, speaker, trainer, and author, in the areas of leadership, sales, and personal development.

In his signature direct, yet highly connective style, Dave helps business owners, executives, top management leaders, and political leaders transform how they communicate, connect, and grow in their leadership roles. Prior to launching his coaching and speaking business in 2006, Dave had 21 years of corporate leadership experience. During this time, he engaged his no-nonsense leadership approach to coach, mentor, and develop leaders at all levels. Dave will challenge you and your team to make intentional choices that leverage their professional development, inspire them to become better leaders, and demonstrate ways they can cultivate and apply their skills. Dave’s mission is to equip bosses in becoming leaders, and leaders in creating their legacies.


Christi Ratcliff

Christi Ratcliff is a Success Coach and Transformational Speaker.  Her passion is to take you to the pinnacle of your success.

Christi's style of coaching is about connection and challenge. Connection is about having a common starting place. Yet, it is equally important that YOU BELIEVE in you and want to actively engage in coaching. Why? Because it will be challenging and she only works with those that are willing to challenge themselves to new levels.

Christi is a certified "How to Facilitate" advisor, a Gallup Strengths Coach, a certified Brain Train Coach and hold many other certifications and qualifications in coaching and personal development.

Session FOrmat

Each session consists of the following, a networking breakfast followed by 3 section on the first topic of the day.  Then, after a short break, we have 3 sections of the second topic for the day. Each topic segment ends with a group engagement activity intended to put the information covered into practice. Each session is capped off with a 30 minute Panel Discussion intended to provide real live examples and experience on the day's topics.

Topics Covered

  • Purpose - Everybody is fueled by a "Why".  This is our purpose.  It's what gets us out of bed in the morning and helps us push through when things get tough.  Understanding your purpose and how it drives you is the first step in maximizing your potential.
  • Mindset - We have all had days where we just don't feel on.  Our confidence may be rattled or our blinded by doubt. Learning to refocus and reach beyond the doubts and questions is crucial to sustained success.
  • Communication - What we communicate and how we communicate plays an important role in how people perceive what we say and who we are.  Learn the keys to clear, concise communication and maximize your ability to influence those around you.
  • Leadership - Leadership is much more than being the one "In Charge." True leaders are most successful when they can get everybody to buy into a plan of action and work towards a common goal. Learn the traits that differentiate leaders from bosses.
  • Building Relationships - Friends, family, co-workers, even customers; it's pretty universally understood that we can accomplish more when we aren't alone. Learn the keys to identifying and building strong, supportive relationships that help you succeed.
  • Sales & Marketing - Sales and marketing is more than just a communication skill or an influence skill. The reality is, no matter what our role, we are always selling.  Sometimes its a product to outsiders.  Other times its our own ideas to to our team or managers. Learn the skills that take your sales game to the next level.
  • Influence - Influence isn't about getting your way.  It's about getting those around you to internalize the changes of course or actions you propose in a way that engages them as an advocate and brings them on board with a plan. Learn how to cultivate influence.
  • Time Management - Time is a finite asset.  There are only so many hours in a day.  To get the most our of your time you have to be able to differentiate between what only you can do, what can be delegated, and what actions may be dependent upon others.  Learn the keys to effective time management.
Performance 101 - BLU
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