Laura Lorenz

Laura Lorenz

Certified CSG Coach

For the last 30+ years, Laura has worked with small to medium sized business owners as well as individuals to help them reach their goals.  She helps them put systems and processes in place to achieve those goals and holds them accountable for intentions.  Laura believes that mindset and communication are the most important aspects to achieving meaningful objectives.

Laura understands the importance of having the right strategies and tools to grow a business and career. She has been in the trenches working as a team member, hand in hand, to develop and implement results-driven strategies with companies nationwide.  Laura believes not only in the importance of teaching the principal knowledge in business, but, more importantly, she keenly understands the need to deliver easy to implement solutions.

Her mantra is “Do the right thing consistently,” and do so with enthusiasm!

Laura attributes her success to being raised by an amazing, supportive, and positive family. That support along with her dedication for getting the most out of things, overflows into her passion for business owners.

She is an author, accomplished speaker and cheerleader for her clients!