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Club CSG is a self-driven personal development tool that is a resource for materials guidance you can use in your business as well as a tools for personal growth.  The courses within Club CSG include worksheets, video content, audio content, reading lists, inspiration quotes, and much more. New, exciting content is added each month.

Some of the Topics Covered


Everything rises and falls with leadership.  Truth is often we get to see what poor leadership looks like, and it’s grime.  When we can effectively lead ourselves and others, the outcome is bright.

Intentionality / Strategy

No one’s ever enjoyed a competitive advantage or the most desirable results when they are on autopilot.  Learn how to have meaning behind every action and win as a result.

Time Management

Blocking, prioritizing, and the strategic planning of assignments and tasks will allow one to master the resource that is time.  Something we’re all unable to acquire more of.


Purpose is where your passion meets the road.  Knowing how to use this to your advantage ensures the goals and vision you have in place will be met without losing sight of the end in mind.


Let’s face it, most of the problems in our personal and professional lives can be draw back to a lack of effective communication.  Learn how to win with others by growing your abilities in this area.


Everyone’s chasing a spark that will light the way inside their vision  Without culture however we have little to aspire to and hope for when gaining buy-in that engages others to go all in.


Many hands make for light work when  those hands actually reduce the load and help hit the target.  Learn how to develop a winning team and be a strong team player

Marketing / Branding

The difference between bragging and branding is who says it…  Learn how to apply this along with developing a greater  understanding of how to attract your target audience.

Values / Principles

Values are what all things of true meaning are built upon.  Learn how to identify this truth in your own life and business.  and establish the principles that will ensure your success is lasting.


The measurement of leadership has always been influence.  Learn how to become a person of influence and leverage this to shorten the road to your victory thoughout life and business.

Mindset / Beliefs

Our thoughts matter.  Learn how to stop negative self talk?  Master the art of controlling your mindset and beliefs so you can empower your overall ability and create the future you deserve.

Transformation / Change

Without accepting that change happens with or without our approval we remain stuck inside a place lacking growth and development.  Master welcoming change and you’ll be ready for it.

Program Overview

What you Get

  • Access to All Course Content
  • Video Learning Sessions
  • Audio Content from Solutions From the Huddle
  • Audio Content centered on John Maxwell’s book, The 15 Laws of Growth 
  • Critical Thinking Downloads
  • Topic Focused Daily Discovery
  • Worksheets
  • Recommended Reading Lists
  • Introduction to DISC
  • Motivational and Topic Specific Quotes
  • Special Pricing on CSG Programs
  • Special Insider Opportunities

Program Costs

$39.99 per month

Titus Bartolotta


Titus Bartolotta is a professionally certified business / life coach, teacher and speaker having received his training from The John Maxwell Team. He’s the host of ESPN’s radio program Solutions From The Huddle and is a published author having released The Master Within in 2018. 

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