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Titus Bartolotta brings a fun spirit of energy and passion to any room he walks into.  Small groups, or large crowds can find themselves well served by this humorous approach to real topics that can swim deep or walk in shallow waters. Inspirational, motivational, leadership, and direct principles that are proven and tested are delivered in a way that is enjoyable to the individuals and groups that listen.

Below is just a quick sampling of the topics that could be presented to your team.  To book Titus Bartolotta as a speaker for one of these topics or for a custom presentation tailored to your specific needs, simply fill out the form on this page.

It's important to Find a speaker that is both engaging, and informative when looking to add value to your next ENGAGEMENT.  Ensuring that those in attendance leave with more than they came in with and motivated to take action is the objective and titus bartolotta delivers.

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A Mindset That Wins:

This talk showcases how important our thoughts effect the outcome of our effort.  Titus takes on the thought that you are not only what you eat, but also what you think.  Consider the impact that could be made if your audience could better understand the importance of identifying a limiting mindset, negative approach, and self sabotage.  Your thoughts affect your behavior which alters your actions and ultimately determines your results.  Maybe its time to adopt a mindset that WINS.

The Art Of Networking

This talk opens the door to the truths of what works, and what doesn’t work in the world of networking.  What if your networking results could grow in a measurable way and change the direct and indirect income you enjoy?  Learn how to connect with people in a real way.  Find out how to be a person that everyone wants to invest in, learn from, and do business with.  If you're a sales professional then this talk is a must.   

Servant Leadership

You will leave with a mindset for leadership and a heart for service when you listen to this deep dive into servant leadership.  Find yourself developing a better understanding of the difference between the role of a servant and a servant leader in this engaging and informative talk.  Growing stronger trust and deeper bonds with those that follow you are just some of the results when you learn how to become a servant leader.  

Teamwork Moves The Needle

Everyone should know that it's teamwork that earns wins.  What happens when you learn how to grow the mindset of your team, develop talent within your team, and effectively remove the members that hinder the culture you hope to develop, or sustain?  The answer is a healthier, and stronger team built and ready to go to battle and come out the other end ready to go again.   Management and direction may be what it takes to move a group from one place to another, but a Positive and Intentional Team Oriented Culture is required for YOUR team to move mountains out of their way.  Is your team ready?

Leadership Matters

John Maxwell famously tells others that “Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership”.  Learn the great importance leadership has in your life both personally and professionally in this talk.  Learning how to lead effectively not only gets your vision to reality but helps to build and develop future leaders, which is one of the greatest legacies we can leave behind.  Different leadership styles will be discussed and better understood by an audience in this talk and your ability to switch styles like gears will help you have traction with your action inside leading others.  It’s time to actually get to the promised land, and your leadership ability is what will make that happen.